Designed for high-threat security, the XIS-100XDV is a dual view X-Ray Inspection System with a generous tunnel size of 101.6 x 101.6 cm (40” x 40”). The XIS-100XDV is well-suited for airports, military and government sites.

Boasting two x-ray generators, the XIS-100XDV produces two screening perspectives and allows operators to manipulate each independently. Thus, it enhances operator’s ability to identify potential security threats with increased accuracy and speed.

Combined with dual view technology and Astrophysics software, the XIS-100XDV dual view x ray is the ultimate solution for large object screening at inspection sites requiring heightened security protection.


General Specifications

Tunnel Size (W x H):
101.6 cm x 101.6 cm/ 40” x 40”

Dimensions (L x W x H):
313.4 cm x 173.4 cm x 195.9 cm/ 123.4” x 68” x 77”

X-ray Generator:
Dual 180kV, Operating at 165kV