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From 1993 until 2001, I had the privilege to serve in President Bill Clinton’s Cabinet as the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. On a personal level, that experience changed my outlook on global security, and I began to understand the urgent attention our public safety sector and shipping industry desperately needed. At Witt Security Solutions, we are a solutions-based company with the goal of improving security infrastructure through superior technology and the most innovative applications on the market. Now more than ever, those who oversee security and inspection for public and private industries have an unprecedented burden — a burden that will only increase over time. And Witt Security Solutions is ready to help.

I have formed a team of experienced professionals to launch a turn-key cargo scanning company. As our flagship solutions, we are pleased to offer 100% cargo-scanning with no upfront cost to the government or private client seaports. We never want to see a situation where a developing seaport cannot afford to inspect their goods because the equipment is too expensive to procure, operate, and maintain. We take pride in our services and we are committed to delivering the best solutions possible.


Founder & CEO


Witt Security Solutions offers cutting-edge cargo scanning solutions and security scanning technology to streamline inspection operations and increase global security. Managed by a talented board of directors and executive management, we offer the best security screening technology on the market. Our equipment requires no specialized training to operate or interpret and can be installed in virtually any location.